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Nothing Ventured

Released March 12

A Christian Romantic Suspense

Sometimes your knight in shining armor is the one you can't trust.

When Maizey Faye’s fiancé dumps her, leaving her with nothing but a lonely, little tree farm in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, she sees it as the fresh start she so desperately needs. So what if she knows next to nothing about tree farming. It can’t be that hard, right? Wrong! She’s in over her head, and if she doesn’t figure it out soon, she’ll lose everything. 

Maizey never imagined her salvation would come in the form of her handsome business rival, Jax Lawson. She’s not sure if she can trust him or if he’s just another traitorous man to add to her growing list. But when she starts receiving mysterious messages and dangerous threats, she has no choice but to accept Jax’s help. With her life on the line, she’ll learn real soon whether Jax is sincere about his affections or if it’s all been a lie to get his hands on her farm.


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Welcome to Arnold Books. As a Christian author, I aim to both entertain and inspire my readers. The heroines in Arnold Books are smart and funny, with qualities and flaws like any other woman. The character's adventures are fast-paced, laugh-out-loud funny, sweetly romantic, and above all, guided by a Christian moral compass.   Check out my work below, and explore my site to see how you can connect with me and share your ideas.  Thanks for visiting!


Garden of Nymphs  

Book 1 of the Helena Thessaylia series

Archaeologist Helena Thessaylia just uncovered a very dark secret...a secret one powerful man would do anything to hide.

It's a good thing she has tough, streetwise attorney Jason Eros on her side.



Book 2 in the Helena Thessaylia series

Can a whirlwind adventure cure a broken heart?  Dr. Helena Thessaylia is willing to give it a try…

Feeling neglected by her workaholic boyfriend, Helena’s ready to call it quits.  So when she’s asked to lead a group of her students to Greece for the summer, she breaks the news to her work-around-the-clock man:  their relationship is on a temporary hiatus.

On the Greek isles a world away, Helena meets up with the handsome and mysterious professor Haydese, whose obvious attentions leave her rattled…and vaguely suspicious.  Though his conduct is irreproachable, Helena suspects his intentions are less than innocent.

To take her mind off her neglectful boyfriend—and her ardent colleague—Helena begins digging into some ancient local lore.  In the process, she makes a discovery that might solve a millennia-old mystery.  But as Helena inches closer to the truth, she feels danger closing in on her.  Will uncovering this long-kept secret cost Helena her life?


Gold in the Dust

Final book in the Helena Thessaylia series

With her wedding only weeks away, Helena is in a race to unearth a long-lost Syrian treasure, pierce her fiance's mysterious secret, get her crazy momzilla off her back...oh, and pick out a wedding dress.


"Writing is the geometry of the soul"



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Meet Arnold books

When I'm not smiling in front of charming forest scenes, such as in this picture, I am a French teacher, wife, and mother of three young children.  When I get a chance, I put on my writer's hat and escape into the world of fiction.  If you've read one of my books,  THANK YOU!  I appreciate readers who will take a chance on a new author.  Please get in touch and tell me more about yourself, your tastes, and what you’d like me to write next.  Happy reading!



Sylvania, OH, USA

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Thanks for submitting!


Sylvania, OH, USA

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